On Jericho Flats

Nature versus Machine. Set in the near future where a powerful quantum AI computer offers people an illusion of reality in a world suffering from the excesses of Humanity’s wants and desires. Ten-year-old Jake is faced with choosing the natural world or a mirage presented by the Machine. He doesn’t yet know it, but the boy is at the crossroads where his choice affects the outcome of the world.

On Jericho Flats is a synthesis of science fiction and nature story solidly grounded in quantum physics, evolutionary biology, and philosophy. A memorable camping trip as seen and experienced by Jake. The story unfolds in the Colorado Rockies with the wonders of nature that only a child can discover. This is coupled with an AI that has evolved to prey on humans. The story pushes the boundaries of reality, belief, and what it means to be human.

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“And so, we look at a journey that goes nowhere in place, but so very far within.”

This Ruler

Like a prism in your hand, pick up the American school and turn it in the light. Take a look at Elysium Hills High School and a complex cast of characters caught in a pastoral fantasy. The classes have 30 or more students, the floors are not mopped and the heat is broken. The ambitious principal is meeting with an educational consultant as both are getting their respective careers ahead. Greed-driven publishing companies are making millions of dollars with ever rotating curricula and standardized tests. The kids are on a personal journey to emerge past xenophobia and a greater understanding of what it means to be good. The lessons are about parasites, invasive species, and monoliths immersed in a world of art. Native Americans and conquistadors race across a complex landscape. Oh, and a unicorn – of course. And like the conquistadors, the publishing companies have landed on the shores of American schools and are melting it down to fill the coffers of their greed.

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